Press Release Aug 2011

Steve M. Dabbs is the newest VA Accredited Claims Agent in the State of Arizona

Many wartime veterans and their surviving spouses can find help obtaining long-term care benefits from Steve M. Dabbs....

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The Program

Who is eligible?

Veterans of all branches of services, their spouses or surviving spouses, and their dependent children who need aid or assistance with the activities of daily living. The Veteran must have served during a period of war, however they did not need to serve in the war. Read more...


Qualification is based on the need for assistance and takes into account the applicant's income and assets. If you require assistance at home, have moved into an assisted living facility, or are requiring nursing home care, you should investigate this benefit regardless of your income and the amount of assets you own. Read more...

What do I do next?

We can provide you with all the forms necessary to start the application process.

In addition, you should begin the process of gathering the necessary documentation to be filed with the application. Documentation needed will include original discharge papers, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and financial records.

If you have further questions about your eligibility or the amount of benefit that may be available to you, please contact us by clicking here.